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We acquire users for mobile apps and games

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Mobile apps and games

We help introducing applications and mobile games to local and foreign markets. We generate installations of applications and mobile games. We analyze the data and take care to keep users in the application.


We reach potential users of your SaaS, Startup or Web business through various marketing channels and convert them into customers.

What we do

Mobile User Acquisition

We increase the number of downloads (CPC, CPL, CPI, CPA) of games and mobile applications.

Data analytics

Identify, track, and report on KPIs, events, and funnels in a mobile app.

Fraud Control

We prevent your app installs fraud.

App monetization

We help to build a monetization model for apps and games.

ASO - App Store Optimization

Positioning applications by selecting keywords, supervising opinions and A/B testing in markets: App Store and Google Play. We increase application positions in the rankings and the number of organic downloads.

Ad Mobile Networks

We supervise campaigns in Ad Mobile Networks.

Soft Launch

We help you with a Soft Launch (3-4 countries).

User retention strategies

We implement user retention strategies into mobile games and apps.

Mobile App Development

We build Mobile, Tablet, Watch, TV and AR/VR apps.

App competition analysis

We analyze mobile app market and your main competitors.

Business Plan for app

We create business plans for mobile apps and games.

Pre-Launch Campaigns

We create pre-launch campaigns for mobile app and game, thanks to which we gain potential customers before introducing the product to the market.

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